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 tentang pubertas laki-laki

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For Boys - What to Expect

This is a very confusing and awkward time for all teenagers. Expect to feel weird. It's normal! There are many changes that occur. Others occur based on which sex you are. Just look for the following:

* Experience growth spurt between 13 and 14 years old (on the average)
* Grow larger ears, hands and feet
* Grow larger penis and scrotum around 12 years old
* Develop very sensitive testicles (balls)
* Develop (temporarily) larger and more sensitive breasts (yes, breasts)
* Experience more frequent erections
* Experience ejaculations and "wet dreams"
* Develop larger muscles and broader shoulders

Signs of Reaching Puberty
For boys, ejaculation is the first sign that they are going through puberty. Ejaculation is the release of semen (cum) through the penis. Ejaculation may occur because of masturbation (or self-stimulation, when someone becomes aroused by touching him- or herself.) Ejaculation also can occur involuntarily while a boy is sleeping. This is called a "wet dream." It is very normal for this to happen.

loph u..but i can't reach u..let it be the sweetest dream..dream of me..
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tentang pubertas laki-laki
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